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More and more over the last few years, the delivery of primary care health services is being challenged.  Family physicians require additional support without the burden of increasing their respective overhead costs.  Nurses and other allied health professionals are an important integration to support the delivery of primary health care; however, there exists a barrier for family physicians to hire nurses within their clinic as this creates longer appointment times, added required clinic space, in addition to adding payroll costs when a nurse does not necessarily have to see all clinic patients.

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The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) has created different incentives over the last few years to promote team-based care by offering family physicians grants to hire nurses within their clinics and billing codes to facilitate team-based care.  RN Collaborate amalgamates the concepts of the GPSC incentives.

  • Family physicians do not have to risk having a nurse on their payroll. Rather, RN Collaborate is requisitioned for patient needs (see Requisition) which, in turn, the family physician uses billing code 14077, etc and RN Collaborate will provide nursing care, and document directly onto (eg: MedAccess) or eFax physician with documented results. 

  • RN Collaborate invoices for 75% of billing code as the physician will, for example, concurrently bill MSP for 14077.

  • Operationally, this results in no added cost for physicians, but enhances the delivery of primary care to their respective patients.

  • RN Collaborate will also consistently donate 5% of gross earnings to carefully selected local charities that support the Social Determinants of Health. 

RN Collaborate was founded in 2021 by local Certified Practice Registered Nurse, Lori Chern.  Over her career, Lori has worked extensively in a variety of settings that has provided her with the experience and insight of current challenges in the delivery of health care and the supports required in order for sustainability.


Lori’s nursing experience:

  • Emergency & Trauma

  • Rural BC

  • Primary Care

  • Perinatal & Obstetrics

  • Community Health

  • Hospital and Urgent Primary Care Leadership and Management


Specialty Nursing Certifications (related to Primary Care)

  • Remote Certified Practice (focuses on the provision of Primary Care)

  • Certification in Therapeutic & Cosmetic botulinum toxin-A injections

  • Reproductive Health Certification (Contraception & STI Management; and Pelvic Exams including Pap Screening). 


Lori has a passion for both nursing and continuous quality improvement.  The vision of RN Collaborate is to enhance the delivery of primary health care by collaborating with physicians in health care delivery.

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