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About Us

Health Care Partnering - Integrating for Improved Quality Patient Care

RN Collaborate Inc has been servicing the health care needs for Kamloops and Area since 2021. It's focus is on Primary Care and treating health to both prevent disease and restore health. 


Trained at both Harvard Medical School and Cornell University,

Lori uses the 6 Pillars of Health as a Framework and collaborative Patient-centered care to treat health.  Lori works with the patient to help prevent factors that cause disease and to also identify and treat the causes of disease and aging in order to restore health.


RN Collaborate Inc also identifies other health care gaps within the community and will assess and review a variety of patients forms including Driver's Medicals, Pre-Op Forms, and Fit-for-Work/School Forms and Travel & Occupational Health Vaccinations

Acting Medical Director:  Dr. Chris Brink.


Our Story

Over her career, Lori has worked extensively in a variety of settings as a Certified Practice Registered Nurse that has provided her with the experience with different patient populations over the lifespan. This experience has provided Lori the insight of current challenges in the delivery of health care. Nursing experience includes:

  • Emergency & Trauma

  • Rural BC

  • Primary Care

  • Perinatal & Obstetrics

  • Community Health

  • Hospital and Urgent Primary Care Leadership & Management


Lori has taken Certification with both Harvard Medical School and Cornell University and is continuously engaged in leading international health concepts, attending international health conferences in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Rome, Italy. 

Combining quality international standards, Harvard & Cornell University education, and extensive nursing experience, RN Collaborate Inc has designed quality and sustainable health programs that focus on the unique needs of each patient to help prevent disease and restore health.

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