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Our Services

RN Collaborate Inc offers both publicly funded and private pay options for your health care needs. We accept Credit Card, Debit, and Cash.

Women's Health Services

$0 (covered by MSP)

Includes appointments for PAP screening, menopause management, menstrual cycle symptom management, sexual health, chronic disease management, **hormone testing

**Hormone testing may be associated with costs

RNC LifeStyle Medicine Program

Initial Assessment


LifeStyle Medicine Program includes Preventative, Restorative, and Anti-Aging functional medicine.  The initial assessment includes comprehensive medical and health history, focused health assessment, and detailed baseline labwork.

RNC LifeStyle Medicine Program

Follow-Up Appointments (maximum 9 per year)

$0 (no charge)

Follow-up and adjustments to care plans are just as important as the initial assessment and plan of care. Reviews ensure that patients are trending towards optimal physical and mental health.

Men's Health Services

$0 (covered by MSP)

Includes appointments for **hormone testing, chronic disease management, sexual health

**Hormone testing may be associated with costs

RNC LifeStyle Medicine Program

Initial Collaborative Plan of Care


This is a comprehensive follow-up based on the initial assessment. Based on results, a collaborative and individualized plan-of-care based on the unique health care needs help to prevent disease, restore health, and maximize the anti-aging process.

RNC LifeStyle Medicine Program

Comprehensive 6-month Review


Repeat comprehensive assessment (including labwork) and evaluating the patient's response to their unique care plan will ensure optimal trending towards preventing disease, restoring health, and minimizing the agin

IV Therapy:  NAD+ & B-Complex

$250 per appointment

Intravenous NAD+ & B-Complex Therapy helps prevent disease, restore health, and enhance the anti-aging process. Research shows that these formulations restore energy production in our cells to improve cellular vitality to help prevent dementia, Parkinson's, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, amongst many other diseases. 

Pre-Surgical Assessment 

$0 (covered under MSP)

Many surgical processes require a pre-surgical health assessment to determine baseline health. This may include dental, cataract, and other surgeries.

Driver's Medical - Yellow Form


Yellow forms are typically for commercial drivers and some types of recreational vehicle drivers

Food Sensitivity Testing

Enhanced 225+ Antigens & Candida 


Comprehensive Labwork to determine your unique Food Sensitivity (IgG) reactions.  Conditions associated with food sensitivities include digestive disorders, migraines, mood/attention deficit disorders, weight gain. Vegetarian FST $370

FIT for Work/School/Sport

$75 per page (or direct billed per employer requirement)

Some employers, post-secondary institutions, and sports clubs require a physical and/or mental health assessment prior to commencing their respective programs. 

Driver's Medical - Blue Form


Blue forms are typically for people who have significant health conditions or >80 years old that require periodic health evaluation.

Travel & Occupational Health Vaxxes

$ Variable (click on link below)

We do a variety of vaccinations for Travel purposes and occupational health requirements. Click on LINK for full pricing:

Other Services

$0 (if covered by MSP)

Other services may include suture removal, medication injections (including DEPO), ABI Assessments, among other services upon approval

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