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RN Collaborate Inc offers both publicly funded and private pay options for your health care needs. We accept Credit Card, Debit, and Cash.

Women's Health Services

$0 (covered by MSP)

Includes PAP Screening, menopausal and pre-menstrual health, sexual health, **hormone testing

**hormone testing may have costs

Men's Health Services

$0 (covered by MSP)

Includes sexual health and **hormone testing

** hormone testing may have costs

Hormone Replacement Therapy (for Women/bio-identical & Men)  $349 

By the time we reach 45-50, our sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) are depleted by more than 50%. These hormones contribute to our health, and depleted levels increase our risk of many chronic diseases, 

FIT for Work/School/Sport

$75/page (or direct-billed per employer requirement)

Some employers, post-secondary institutions, and sports associations require a physical and/or mental health assessment prior to commencing their respective programs.

RNC Restorative Health Program

Initial Assessment


The RNC Restorative Health Program encompasses preventative, restorative, and anti-aging functional medicine focusing on the 'cause' of disease and maintaining optimal health. It is based on Harvard Medical School's framework of the 6 Pillars of Health

Pre-Surgical Assessment

$0 (covered by MSP)

Many surgical processes require a pre-surgical health assessment to determine baseline health. This may include dental, cataract or other surgeries.

Driver's Medical - Yellow Form


Yellow Forms are typically for commercial drivers and some types of recreational vehical drivers

Food Sensitivity Testing

Enhanced Antigens + Candida $425

Comprehensive lab testing to determine your unique Food Sensitivity (IgG) reactions. Conditions associated with food sensitivities include digestive disorders, migraines, mood/attention-deficit disorders, and weight gain.

Vegetarian FST $370

Driver's Medical - Blue Form


Blue Forms are typically for people that have significant medical conditions that require periodic health evaluation.

Travel + Occupational Health


$ Variable

We do a variety of vaccinations for travel purposes and occupational health requirements.

Click on link below for pricing

Restorative IV & Injectable Therapy

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