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RNC Restorative Health Program

RNC Restorative Health Program is a program designed from the best evidence-based quality components from Harvard Medical School, Cornell University, and Functional Medicine. RNC LifeStyle Medicine Program provides a framework to develop individual lifestyle programs collaboratively with clients.  It uses the  6 Pillars of Health to identify and work to improve the components of quality nutrition, effective exercise, restorative sleep, avoidance of risky substances, fostering positive social relationships, and developing and maintaining healthy stress management skills. The program also identifies the causes of disease and aging (along with the causes of symptoms), and works with the client to identify, then remove or minimize these causes. 


RNC Restorative Health Program has an extensive and comprehensive assessment process,  baseline comprehensive lab work, and obtains a comprehensive health history in order to work with the client to develop a unique care plan to help prevent disease and restore health.  Individual care plans are developed in collaboration with the client based on his/her health history, assessment findings, and the best quality evidence-based practice in order to maximize the best health outcomes for the client.


As mentioned, the RNC Restorative Health Program has an extensive Initial Assessment, Follow-up Care Plan Development, and a 6-month comprehensive assessment to ensure clients are successfully trending towards their optimal health. Follow-up appointments are available throughout the year to ensure continued success.


Access to other quality health diagnostics and interventions, such as IV NAD+ & B-Complex Therapy and Food Sensitivity (IgG) Testing is also available to site to incorporate into health care plans.


Click on the links below to view videos related to Restorative Health.

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